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building-2662962_1920Faith in the Fog: On Losing Beliefs and Finding God
There are certain ways Christians talk about God that turn me into an atheist. I can’t help it. As much as I try to ignore it, my inner skeptic is constantly on the lookout for holes in the God theory. It will find a loose thread and keep tugging until the whole thing unravels. Before I know it, my cherished beliefs in a loving God have disintegrated and I’ve unwittingly written off the entire Christian faith as superstitious nonsense. Read more >

book-1867403_1920A Biblical Case for the Support of Same-Sex Marriage
One of two statements is often heard in regards to an individual’s position on same-sex attraction, which can be paraphrased as: “I take the ‘traditional’ view because I believe what’s in the Bible” or “I take the ‘reformed’ view because of a family member or friend”. However, both views have the support of biblical interpretation. Those taking the ‘reformed’ view do not reject biblical authority, but have a different interpretation of the texts to those who take the ‘traditional’ view. Read more >

compass-801763_1920-e1501281047817.jpgFaith in the Fog: Love as our Compass
‘Deconstruction’ is a bit of a buzzword at the moment in some Christian circles. For various reasons, many of us have found ourselves dismantling our belief systems and questioning long-held assumptions. For some people, the deconstruction experience can be overwhelmingly positive and freeing. They are able to see things from refreshing new perspectives and discard aspects of their belief system that were oppressive or harmful. For others, faith deconstruction can be like losing a parent. Utterly devastating and disorientating. Read more >

paint-621098_1920-e1498229033330.jpgFaith in the Fog: Making Peace with the Messiness of the Bible
Contrary to well-meaning advice from many a concerned Christian, reading the Bible is not a good cure for skepticism. In my experience, it usually magnifies it. The Bible is messy. It’s confusing and contradictory and just plain weird in some places. For a skeptic like me, every passage raises new questions and doubts, and shines a floodlight on any that were already lurking in the shadows. For a while I actually refused to read the Bible at all, for fear that my faith might not make it out alive. Read more >

Faith in the Fog: Science, Atheism and the Search for Proof
One of the biggest steps towards learning to deal with my own crippling skepticism has been to convince myself that Christianity is not irrational. Deep down I had always feared that if I thought too deeply or learned too much about science, this faith that brought hope and meaning to my life would eventually be exposed as wishful thinking, no more credible than an ancient myth or fairy tale. Read more >

walkers-486583_1920Faith in the Fog: Surviving as a Skeptical Christian
How do I trust God when I’m no longer convinced he even exists? How do I stop myself from being swallowed whole by the fear and despair that can come from seriously rethinking my beliefs? How do I pray when it seems like there’s probably no-one listening? Can my faith survive this? Read more >

I Don’t Have The Luxury Of Despair
When faced with so much senseless suffering in our world, I – like many others – can struggle to see a deeper meaning or purpose behind it. Despair can sometimes seem like the only reasonable response. That is, until I notice all the other stuff. Read more >

portrait-1082310_19120Dear God, Help Me To Believe In You
Dear God, Today I am not sure you exist, but I’m praying anyway. It seems as though the older I get and the more I learn, the less sure I am about anything. I never used to doubt you, not really. I was taught that I could have absolute confidence and certainty in my beliefs, and I did. I was taught that there were clear explanations for everything if I was just clever enough to understand. Read more >

girl-926084_1920Confessions of a Doubting Christian
Some days I find it really hard to believe in God.I sit in church surrounded by the familiar, friendly faces, perusing the notice sheet as the worship band finish their sound check with a chorus of ‘10,000 Reasons’, and I’m convinced we’ve made it all up.We’re kidding ourselves, aren’t we? It’s obviously just wishful thinking. A fairy story. A diversion from reality, far too good to be true. Read more >

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